Ukulele Youth Update

I just uploaded this video on ukulele anatomy that all the students should watch when they have a chance:

There are a few things that your children will need over time and since there is a great deal on a basic Snark Tuner on Amazon, I’d thought now would be a good time to send a message.

Sooner than later your child will need a tuner. Students should be tuning their ukulele every time they play. This is a great deal right now: . Here is a video on using an electronic tuner:

Your child will also need a music stand. I highly suggest getting a sturdy stand (the wire stands have a tendency to drop music on the floor):

Children will also need a strap of some kind. We will have a special ‘strap button party’ in September for anyone wishing to get five dollar strap buttons added to their ukulele (then they can use any strap they wish, even a bootlace or length of paracord).

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