My son is in the Ukulele choir. He loves it. I believe it helps him socially working with everyone there. He is more responsible and feels like he is part of a team. He can’t wait for the performance coming up too. I am happy he has such a passion to play and that the program is offered. Love the ukulele choir. What an awesome addition to the regular singing choir. Happy it is offered so young and tuition free.
Brooke Williams, American Fork

I have two children currently in the choir and they both absolutely love it. They look forward to choir each week and they are learning how to read notes, make their voices match those of the children around them and how to use their voices to make music. What they learn carries over into other aspects of their lives as well and both of them are currently enamored with “The Sound of Music” and how mixing up the different notes make different songs. Ryan is a wonderful teacher with a lot of talent to share with these kids. He is really teaching them some valuable skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.  For our family the choir has been especially helpful as my son has gone deaf in the short period of less than a year. He wears a cochlear implant and for kids with implants, hearing and understanding music is a skill that needs to be practiced and learned. It may take him longer to get the tune of a song and to understand how to hear himself and try to match the tune of the kids around him but he is making great progress! This choir class is really a kind of music therapy for my son that helps him learn to hear music through his implant and how to sing. We are very grateful for the program and for Ryan and all of his efforts on behalf of the children. Ryan has made a very caring effort to help my son improve and to make him a part of the choir at a time when my son was losing his hearing. My son is able to do something that he loves through a challenging time in his life. I will be forever grateful for this. Just this last week, Ryan told my son that he was doing a good job of matching his voice with the kids around him and my son just beamed. Choir is a highlight for my kids and both of them enjoy having the opportunity to learn new songs and perform them. My kids both absolutely love the chimes as well and I think they add a wonderful sound to the choir.
Taunya Paxton, Pleasant Grove

My daughter has learned about theory, dynamics, following a musical director, and vocal parts. She has made friends of a variety of ages at choir. They find pure joy and satisfaction by creating beautiful vocal music together. Mr. Taylor is a patient teacher! These kids will be ahead of the game when they enter choirs in junior high and high school! American Fork prides itself on having elite music programs in their schools. These kids will be a great asset to school programs and the community. They also appreciate music and the pure love of singing! This summer the kids loved making music videos at Mr. Taylor’s choir/art camp. They created the art work and the vocals to go with the animated art work. We shared it with friends and family. The kids learned about music, art, and computer technology. They proudly wore the shirts they made and sang in the Steel Days Parade!
Traci Boulter, American Fork

This is a skill my daughter has been able to gain only because of attending this class. Having this skill has given her self confidence. She is one of four girls in her family and it has been a way for her to stand out from her sisters because she has put the time into learning it and can share what she has learned with others.
Holly Hopkins, American Fork

My son has been involved with the ukulele youth choir program and has really enjoyed it. I have seen his confindence grow as he’s learned to play the ukulele. He has also been more focused, I think as a result of looking at the music and learning to play the notes. This has spilled over into his school work as he’s showing the same dedication he puts into his ukulele into other subject at school.
Stephanie Nixon, American Fork

This program has helped my Grand Daughter to be more happy and interested in musical instruments along with singing songs. This program is very helpful in teaching respect for others and self, also this is her way of having interaction with kids her age and older interacting and social skills are being taught to her and kids.
Douglas S. Kunkel, American Fork

My daughter was so nervous to perform, and be compared to others, she would not play her ukulele for anyone. After joining the ukulele youth choir I could see that changing. She would play songs for her brothers, she got nervous before her first choir performance, but was super excited the next time she performed! She is gaining confidence and losing her self consciousness.
Clare Moon, Pleasant Grove

The Ukulele Youth Choir has been wonderful for my daughter. It has help build her self confidence. She is emotionally happier as she learns and develops her musical abilities. I have seen her confidence build socially as she is willing to preform and invite others to come and see. She is excited for class each week. She sings more. She loves to learn and share what she is learning with the ukulele. She is teaching me. She is developing consistent study habits by practicing something she loves at home. My daughter is homeschooling and the Ukulele Youth Choir is an amazing supplement to her education. Thank you. I am so impressed with the quality of our wonderful teacher Ryan Taylor! The communication and accessibility of the program is great! Thank you for making this wonderful class possible!
Melissa McCumber, Lehi

The AF Children’s Choir has been a great chance for my seven-year-old to really grow and become more confident, and also has increased her love of music! Keeping it free means that kids who otherwise wouldn’t get to participate in musical groups can get the same benefits that their luckier counterparts do. Also, those in schools who don’t do music have another option!
Christi Higham, Lehi

My son is in the Ukulele Kids Choir. He is 14 years old and has been in need of something that he could be a part of. He hasn’t been interested in scouting or other youth groups for a variety of reasons. His lack of involvement has taken a toll on his ability to socialize appropriately in a variety of settings, goal setting, confidence, esteem and self-concept, etc.. Since joining the Ukulele group I have seen some positive growth and changes in Seth as his confidence and esteem has grown in healthy ways. He enjoys the lessons and interaction with Mr. Taylor and the other students in his class and above all else he can do something he is proud of…make music. I’ve asked on several occasions if he would rather do something else with his time rather than go to class and practice, in every case he has stated that he wants to countinue learning and he looks forward to each new week with the ukulele class and improving this new found talent and constructive outlet for him. I am grateful to the generosity of the arts foundation and to those who contribute to the success of this particular program. You are playing an important roll in shaping our children into confident productive citizens who have learned to play, make, and love music. To see my son become interested and enthused about something that brings about positive changes in his life and gives him a sense of belonging, direction, and achievement that will have an affect on him throughout his life is very comforting and thrilling. Thank you.
Bill Coleman, Highland

I love how it has given them confidence. This is a great opportunity for my kids to learn to work in a group and I love that they are learning to sing while they do it.
Kim Harris, Lehi