Important Changes and New Ukulele Youth Choir

After meeting with the choir for a couple of weeks we’ve decided to make a change that will effect all current members of the choir and add a new choir that will offer a unique opportunity to more area children.

Concert Choir

 The Unison and 2-part Choirs will combine this semester to form one Concert Choir that will sing both unison, rounds and two-part music. The Concert Choir will meet from 4-5pm on Monday afternoons at Historic City Hall in American Fork, This change will begin at our September 14th rehearsal. We will accept new students through September. Please be sure to fill out a registration form at if you haven’t already done so to participate in this choir.

UFO HUM Ukulele Youth Choir

 This new ensemble will focus on singing while playing the ukulele. The choir will meet from 3-4pm on Mondays at Historic City Hall and welcomes all tween and teen age youth from 10-18. This choir will be tuition free, however students will need to purchase a ukulele and an electronic instrument tuner (average $40 to $70 expense for a beginner ukulele and tuner). See
This performance ensemble will assume ‘no experience’ with the instrument, though more advanced players are welcome and encouraged to join and take a leadership role in the group. If your child would like to participate, please RSVP by sending an email with name and age of the participant to
UFO HUM stands for Ukes for Others : Happy Ukulele Movement. The UFO HUM Ukulele Youth Choir will perform with the AFCC Concert Choir at our annual Christmas in the Rotunda concert and other events.

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